• Adam Englefield

    Adam Englefield

    • D.O.B. : 09/11/89
    • Hometown : London

    Adam the creator of Eton Messy!

    He first decided to create the Youtube channel as a place to put music that he had found there was no home for. The channel started receiving some attention from friends and music fans, which became the platform to grow into the various avenues you see today.

    As a third of Eton Messy and one half of Blonde with Jake Manson, Adam has become a very busy boy. He very much provides the creative element to EM along with the ears with Charlie to provide the music you see and hear across the channel and at events.

    Both EM and Blonde compliment each other extremely well and has been a great base to build the EM family out of!

  • Ed Byass

    Ed Byass

    • D.O.B. : 07/05/89
    • Hometown : Bristol

    Ed is the person behind the scenes, who not many may know about!

    You might have seen him pop up on stage a couple of times or shooting around a venue making sure everything is going smoothly and people are having a good time!

    From helping build Eton Messy as a digital and physical brand, he has taken on the running of events including booking acts, artist liaison, promotions and marketing along with looking after the visual and social media side of the brand, being the glue that holds it together!

    With running events and booking acts he has been able to learn and become a DJ himself, opening up shows and jumping on with Charlie and Adam from time to time in some of the best clubs and stages around but mostly going under the name of 'Waverley'.

  • Charlie Wedd

    Charlie Wedd

    • DOB : 27/02/89
    • Hometown : London

    Charlie was the original Eton Messy DJ with Adam at the beginning, who since Adams rise through Blonde has now taken on the mantel himself to develop the EM DJs in to a solid foundation to help the brand grow and be recognised at some of the best events and festivals going.

    He also looks after a lot of the day to day running with Ed. Most of his focus goes towards Eton Messy Records, A+R for the Youtube channel and helping organise and push the events, whilst becoming the voice behind EM Twitter and other parts of social media, amongst other things.

    With very little rest and lots of travelling he still manages to keep on top of whats needed for Eton Messy to keep moving forward!

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